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Until very recently, Android was behind the major players of the smartphone world in terms of shipments. It now has become the world most popular mobile operating system. Running on more than 1 billion devices globally, Android has become the benchmark for mobile operating systems.  Visual Design offers businesses it’s Android development expertise through interactive designs, vast mobile development experience of applications, mobile system services and innovative solutions. Therefore you might be interested in getting an application developed for Android for your own customers?  (view the Android Development portfolio here.) Android Development Ireland is here to help.

Android Development Ireland offers professional Android Development services in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. All applications developed by Visual Design meet high standards of all technologies applied during the development process. Android application development is quickly becoming the latest trend to hit mobile industry in Ireland. The Android Google Play market is growing at three times the rate of Apple’s App Store, according to the latest reports.


Android Development Ireland

Mobile App Development

Android Market Share

The number of Android phones sold each day is greater than any other mobile OS. Also the number of Android phones sold in these regions is growing. Android is on course to be the platform with the most users base worldwide. These are the current Smartphone operating systems by market share.

It’s Open

Another great advantage of Android, compared to similar platforms is the fact that Android is open source. This means that none of industry operators can limit it’s development.

Apps Market Distribution

Applications for Android are released with the Android Market (Now known as Google Play). This in itself is another good reason to develop on Android. Unlike Apple’s App Store, where you have to wait weeks for the applications approval process, and review, in the Android Market it’s very fast, and cost much less. Take inspiration by checking out some of the thousands of apps available at the Android marketVisual Design aims to help clients with the app ideas to the Android Play store.

Developed in Java

iPhone applications are built using Objective C, a programming language that was devised by Apple specifically for Apple products. But if you want to develop applications for Android, you need to know Java and Android API for Java. Java is a very powerful programming language that has existed for over 15 years. There is a wealth of information about it and has a very large number of developers and communities. Visual Design are professional programmers on the Java platform.

Our Process

Android Development Ireland

1. Chatting!

At Visual Design chatting is free. Before you begin anything, we will discuss in detail your prerequisitesa and app needs. This is an important step in ensuring we offer the most suitable and efficient service as possible..

2. Costs

At Visual Design, we are proud to be able to accurately estimate the time required for the development of each of our projects. Will we give you a detailed proposal. Right across the project, from analysing your requirements, program development, and the entire cost of the project.

3. WireFrames

We will develop a set of screens, or wireframes. These will allow us to study the structure, layout and functionality of each screen required. Wireframes will also give us a clear indication of the user experience, allowing us to smooth out the process and help establish any UI issues.

4. Design

We then apply a style unique to each screen, the implementation of a comprehensive guide to include the general aesthetics such as colours variants, images, logos, typefaces, etc.

5. Development

The Android application is developed using Java and Android API for Java. Visual Design developers create each interface screen and its functionality, so that the application works as expected. Meanwhile, Visual Design will be in continuous  communication with all parties with a summary of the app progress.

6. Testing

It is very important that any application operates solidly, and rigorous testing is carried out to to ensure that it works 100%. Android Development Ireland will also cross-check potential problems. During this process, we will load “trial versions” or beta versions on various devices for testing and review.

7. Approval & Launch

The final stage will be to submit the application to the Android Market for approval and release, and for Google to distribute. Have a look at our Android Development portfolio here.

Android Development Ireland are designing Android apps for clients in Dublin, Cavan, Fermanagh and Monaghan in Ireland. We are Irish Android developers.

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Android Development Ireland