SEO Benefits from Links on Sites with Great Page Rank

Search engine optimisation is most effective when a diverse array of tools and techniques are employed in unison, and PageRank is just one factor of many. The message from the world’s number one search engine (it starts with a G) is that PageRank is not the be all and end all when it comes to SEO and getting your site to page one of the search results, but a link to your site from a site with good PageRank is still a valuable commodity.

PageRank is the link analysis algorithm which Google employs to help assign positions, with regard to SEO. It assigns numerical weighting to each document in a hyperlinked set, which in Google’s case refers to connected internet pages. It does this in order to calculate the relative importance of each page.

Companies looking to improve their search engine optimisation and ascend the rankings work diligently to improve their PageRank as a means of laying claim to a coveted place at the top of first page Google search results.

PageRank is scored from 0-10. A PageRank of 0-3, usually pertains to small to mid-size companies and a PageRank of 4-6 refers to large and worldwide companies. PageRanks of 7 or above are reserved only for internet institutions which dwarf other sites in both size and scope (such as YouTube and Amazon).

Regardless of your own PageRank, links from a site with high PageRank are very desirable; especially deep links, because it is important to strengthen the lower echelon pages of your site and hopefully rank for more than your homepage alone.

High PageRank is an indicator of high trust in a site. Securing a link from that page can be very beneficial to your SEO drive.